Wide Range of Products

Upholstery fabrics of various types are commonly used in furniture covering. Ekoline Luxury's upholstery fabrics, also known as protective coatings, help to protect your furniture from outside elements. Ekoline Luxury, where you can find any type of upholstery fabric you want, from linen to leather, nubuck to acrylic fabrics, personally responds to your requests and needs by providing a diverse range of products. Ekoline Luxury pays special attention to durability in the design and production of upholstery fabrics, resulting in long-lasting upholstery fabrics.

Different Usage Areas

The areas of use are undoubtedly the most important consideration in the selection of upholstery fabrics. Upholstery fabrics, which are preferred in a variety of applications ranging from home furniture to textile products or car coverings, differ depending on where they will be used. Ekoline Luxury offers upholstery fabric services for all applications. Ekoline Luxury, which manufactures for every style as well as various usage areas, offers upholstery fabrics that can fit any style, from modern to classical.

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