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Which Is the Best Way to Clean Zebra Curtains? The question is intriguing, especially for those who use zebra curtains. Zebra curtains are a type of roller blind that are not only decorative but also functional. Although they have a structure that does not get dirty easily, stains can appear if they are not cleaned for an extended period of time. As a result, it should be cleaned once every six months in general. In this way, they both live longer and have a clean appearance like the first day.

Zebra curtains have a rigid structure and should not be treated like regular fabric curtains. It is critical to prevent wrinkling before beginning the cleaning process. Because it will be difficult to open if there are wrinkles, it should be taken out as a roll and lowered to the floor.

Zebra Curtain Cleaning Phase

When cleaning zebra curtains, it is critical to use a suitable floor. It is recommended that the curtain be removed and laid on a suitable floor for its size. This step is critical for preventing wrinkles and ensuring that the cleaning stages proceed in a healthy manner.

To clean zebra curtains, dust must be removed first, and dusting must be done in a dry manner. A dry sponge or vacuum cleaner should be used to remove dust. After the dusting is finished, the cleaning process begins, taking care not to get the sponge too wet. It is beneficial to use a toothbrush in areas that cannot be reached by wiping.

Cleaning Materials for Zebra Curtains

Zebra curtains should never be cleaned with harsh chemicals. Surface abrasive properties and strong chemicals must be avoided. In the event of use, permanent damage and unfavorable color and texture effects may occur.

Cleaning materials to be preferred according to the texture of zebra curtains should be detergents with low PH values.